Product Details
EPS SHEETS - Packaging
Expanded polystyrene sheets used for protecting products during shipments. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
Anywhere from 1/4" up to 40" thick, 48" wide and 96" long.
EPS SHAPES - Construction
Decorative details for interior and exterior design.
Order designs from our catalog or design them yourself. The possibilities are absolutely limitless with our CAD/CAM system.
Custom Work
The FOAM Warehouse has done customized work for movie sets, numerous sporting events and well-known amusement parks. For any custom work needed, give us a call or send us a fax to get a same-day quote.

Custom FOAM Fabrication

The FOAM Warehouse. striving to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced products
The FOAM Warehouse
A key benefit of EPS is that it is recyclable. EPS materials can be reprocessed into new packaging products or durable goods; Formal EPS recycling programs have been established in several countries throughout the world.
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